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Ski package includes one night's lodging, lift tickets to Eldora Mountain Resort, continental breakfast and assistance in arranging ski rental discounts.
The Tetra Prisma package features an easy-open pull-tab, making it very easy for consumers to open and drink right from the carton or to pour in a wine glass.
It generates the IBIS package RLC matrix model with coupling between signal, power and ground nets, as well as the SPICE-equivalent circuits of package RLGC models of different topologies (Pi or T circuit topology), including coupling between signal, power and ground nets.
SiP design demands that chip, package and PCB designers collaborate effectively if they are to satisfy market requirements," says Dave DeMaria, chief executive officer of Optimal Corporation.
Patented flex technology that dynamically adjusts package templates to accommodate new content
Companies fast tracking the chip development cycle cannot wait until the package designer analyzes 3D signal and power integrity, especially as we move into the multi-gigahertz range," says Dave DeMaria, chief executive officer (CEO) of Optimal.
UPD builds on the core Encore package design technology that Sigrity acquired from Synopsys two months ago.
Sometimes the handler hides the package to see if the dog can sniff out its location.
Given the ability to evaluate casting designs through solidification software, the question for many engineers is not whether to use it, but which package best meets the needs for their foundry.
We basically have rows of workers separating different package types by hand.
If you have $1,500 and not a penny more, perhaps an all-inclusive package will help you stick to your budget.
89-17, providing guidance on the tax treatment of package design costs.
A growing number of companies are entering this expanding market, posing a strong challenge to manufacturers of other package types.