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care package

A package or parcel containing food, clothing, or other items sent to someone who lives or is spending time away from home, such as a college student, a child in summer camps, or a person living abroad. The treats my mom sent in her care packages really helped me get through my first year studying in Italy.
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big things come in small packages

Often the things that have the most value or quality are small; the size of something does not always properly indicate it's value. A variation of the more common phrase, "good things come in small packages." Experiencing the love of a baby is really life-changing. It's so true that big things come in small packages.
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have a package on

To be drunk. Possibly a variation of the phrase "tie a bag on." Primarily heard in UK. A: "Don't mind him, he just has a package on." B: "Seriously? How is he drunk already?"
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best things come in small packages, good things come in small packages

Prov. Small packages often contain valuable things. (Sometimes said of petite or short people.) Jill: I'm upset at George. He only gave me this tiny box for my birthday. Jane: Don't get upset till you know what's in it. Good things do come in small packages. Child: I hate being so short. Grandmother: You shouldn't. The best things come in small packages.
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Good things come in small packages

. Go to The best things come in small packages.
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package deal

Fig. a collection or group of related goods or services sold as a unit. I got all these tools in a package deal for only $39.95. What about giving me all three shirts as a package deal?
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care package

A gift package of food or other items not readily available to the recipient, as in While I was in college, Mom sent me a care package of homemade cookies just about every month . This term originated after World War II with CARE, an organization founded to send needed food, clothing, and other items to war-torn nations. By the 1960s the term had been transferred to sending packages of treats to children at camp, students away at school, and the like.
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1. n. a combination of a variety of related things; a unified set of things. The first college I applied to offered me a good aid package, so I went.
2. n. a lot of money; a bundle. She made quite a package on that bank deal.
3. n. someone who is cute or sexually attractive. (Primarily refers to females as bundles of sexual charms. Similar in meaning to sense 1) How do you like that little package who just came in?
4. tv. to position or display someone or something, as in marketing, to good advantage. The agent packaged the actress so that everyone thought she only did dramatic roles.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Man, Bart was really packaged last night!
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CARE package

A gift parcel. CARE, the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, was an organization that sent more than 100-million cartons of foodstuffs to war-torn Europe from the end of World War II through 1962. The phrase was picked up by soldiers, college students, and sleepaway-camp campers for any gift of goodies they received by mail from home.
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