pack (one's) bag(s)

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pack (one's) bag(s)

To leave some place or a position (especially one's job) and not come back. Often used as an imperative. They told me to pack my bags after they caught me sleeping at my desk. I've had enough of you, Dan. Pack your bags and get out of my house!
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pack your bags

COMMON If you pack your bags, you suddenly leave where you live or work, or stop being involved in something, usually because of a disagreement. After a huge row she packed her bags and never came back. If things go wrong and our conditions are not met, we will simply pack our bags and leave.
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pack your bag (or bags)

put your belongings in a bag or suitcase in preparation for your imminent departure.
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ˌpack your ˈbags

(informal) prepare to leave a place permanently, especially after a disagreement: He hadn’t paid any rent for three months so she told him to pack his bags.
See also: bag, pack
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Tenders are invited for Back Pack Bag as per any of the three samples and are made of a particular quality, dimension, shade, texture, feel and finish bearing the logo of Coal India and IICM on the front side of the bag in single colour
With the new Commander X hunting pack from ALPS Outdoorz, you're really getting two packs in one--the frame hauler and a pack bag that attaches to the frame.
Fundraisers at Sainsbury's, Aspley, were also busy raising money from customers with their Big Pack Bag.
Nebny members and volunteers gather to pack bags every day in Ramadan.
Most people favour a certain charity - the schools that pack bags irritate me, a teacher with a silly indulgent smile on their face while their little darlings throw your potatoes on top of your eggs.
IN reply to the letter moaning about supermarkets allowing volunteers to pack bags.
In order to encourage more participation in Breast Cancer awareness programs with affordability, MPS has special-reduced prices for their promotional sports bottles and customized sport pack bags.
His three children had been due to go on the trip with his partner Clare Duncan, 30, who had helped pack bags.
Help was offered to pack bags at the checkout and the receipt was free of errors.
The system can also pack bags in stand-up zipper pouches, making the ME1095CT the true future of flexible teabag packaging.
In undercover stings, officials pack bags full of travel items, and suspicious ones, and put them through security to see whether the screeners can spot them.
Their eyes met when car park team leader Phil was sent to pack bags at the till where Christine worked.
BARCLAYS employees left their desks to pack bags in a supermarket and raised pounds 1,334.
Clubs like Hardwick have to rattle buckets and pack bags every week just to survive.