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In essence, owning a home builds stronger families.
1298(a)(2)(A) provides that, for corporations, if 50% or more in value of a non-PFIC corporation's stock is owned directly or indirectly by, or for, any person, such person will be considered as owning the stock owned directly of indirectly by, or for, such.
AMEP's majority-owned affiliates will be able to participate in many more oil and natural gas projects because of owning its own drilling rigs.
person directly, indirectly or constructively owning 10% or more of the voting power of a CFC's stock (U.
Adoption of the NMSDC proposal would be a disaster for black business development because it blurs the line between owning a company and merely having an ownership stake in it.
2 of the TSX Venture Exchange (the "Exchange") Corporate Finance Manual as it will result in a shareholder owning in excess of 20% of the issued and outstanding shares of Katanga, namely, George Forrest International Afrique sprl.
In community property states, each spouse also is treated as owning half the community property.
There are psychological as well as financial rewards in owning your own place.
the leading global supplier of pre-owned products and services that reduce the cost of network infrastructure today announced the launch of its new website specifically designed to provide up-to-date information on its pre-owned networking hardware and services which significantly reduce the cost of owning and operating large data networks.