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I owe you one.

Inf. Thank you, now I owe you a favor.; I owe you something similar in return. Bob: I put the extra copy of the book on your desk. Sue: Thanks, I owe you one. Bill: Let me pay for your drink. Bob: Thanks a lot, I owe you one.
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owe someone a debt of gratitude

a large amount of thanks owed to someone who deserves gratitude. (Actually payment of the debt is owed.) We owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done for us.
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owe something (to someone) (for something)

to be under obligation to pay or repay someone for something. I owe forty dollars to Ann for the dinner. I owe money for the gift to Ann. I still owe money for the gift. Do you still owe money to Ann?

*pound of flesh

Fig. a payment or punishment that involves suffering and sacrifice on the part of the person being punished. (*Typically: give someone ~; owe someone ~; pay someone ~; take ~.) He wants revenge. He won't be satisfied until he takes his pound of flesh.
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owe it to somebody to do something

to have a duty to do something for someone We owe it to our students to figure out how we can help them get a education.
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you owe it to yourself to do something

you deserve to do something you want to do After working so hard, you owe it to yourself to take a long vacation.
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your pound of flesh

if someone demands their pound of flesh, they make someone give them something that they owe them, although they do not need it and it will cause problems for the other person
Usage notes: This phrase comes from Shakespeare's play, The Merchant of Venice.
His boss, demanding his pound of flesh, made him come into work even though his daughter was seriously ill.
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pound of flesh

A debt whose payment is harshly insisted on, as in The other members of the cartel all want their pound of flesh from Brazil. This expression alludes to the scene in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (4:1) where the moneylender Shylock demands the pound of flesh promised him in payment for a loan, and Portia responds that he may have it but without an ounce of blood (since blood was not promised). [c. 1600]
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owe to

1. To be in debt by some amount to someone: I owe $100 to my brother.
2. To have something because of something or someone else: The family owed its wealth to oil. I owe my rosy complexion to my mother.
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References in classic literature ?
And are enemies also to receive what we owe to them?
Honestly, without speaking of what I owe you, I feel friendship for you.
But my father has this very sum, five thousand pounds, and, as I tell him, I owe him so much that I have no compunction about owing him more.
I still owe him that dollar and seventy cents, and if he should chance to read these lines I want him to know that I'll pay on demand.
Mr Wititterly, it should be observed, was accustomed to owe small accounts, and to leave them owing.
I mean no more than that I partly owe to you my existence during great part of the time which I have employed in composing it: another matter which it may be necessary to remind you of; since there are certain actions of which you are apt to be extremely forgetful; but of these I hope I shall always have a better memory than yourself.
I tell you you owe me half of this, because I have no sixpence in my pocket.
Besides that I owe him a grudge on that account, he thwarts me at this minute, and stands between me and an end which might otherwise prove a golden one to us all.
By comparing what a country owes to what it produces, the debt-to-GDP ratio indicates a country's ability to pay back its debt.
Highest Breaks: Owes to Scr, G Ineson 63; Rec 1 to Rec 13, J McSheffrey 27; Rec 14 to Rec 28, G Siswick; Rec 29 to Rec 42, G Schofield 21.
Swiftsure owes Gordon Ramsay PS347, believed to be appearance money.
THE average Briton now owes more than pounds 42,000 through mortgages, credit cards, loans and other forms of debt, research showed today.
Some leading members of the education community said Tuesday that they are glad to see the increase but believe the governor owes schools about $5.