overstep bounds

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overstep your/its bounds

also overstep the bounds
to do more than you are allowed to do or should do Many believe that Congress overstepped its bounds in passing this new gun control law. Some of his colleagues may have overstepped the bounds of good taste.
See also: bound, overstep
References in classic literature ?
She was much more likely to overstep the bounds of reasonable conduct by some extraordinary eccentricity.
They encourage him daily to overstep the bounds of moderation, and not unfrequently to disgrace himself by positive excess.
Romance blossoms between Vera and Roland, and Aunt Belle (Joanna Scanlan) acts as a chaperone for the young couple on their dates to ensure their conduct doesn't overstep the bounds of public decency.
Individuals should honour their debt obligations - however, debtors and members of the public should be protected by law from debt collection methods that overstep the bounds of acceptable pressure.
MPs have a role in ensuring the request for extra powers does not overstep the bounds laid down in the Government of Wales Act.
A spokesman said young couples might get caught in a romantic mood and overstep the bounds of Islamic morality.