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overstay (one's) welcome

1. To remain a guest in a place, especially someone's home, for too long, to the point where the host no longer wishes one to stay. After the cool reception I received at breakfast, it was apparent that I had overstayed my welcome at the cottage of my father's friend.
2. By extension, to do something that makes one no longer welcome in or at a place. Things were going fine at the dinner meeting until my coworker made a rather off-color joke, at which point it seemed that we'd overstayed our welcome.
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outstay/overstay your ˈwelcome

(of a guest) stay too long so that you are no longer welcome: We visited some friends in France, but we didn’t want to overstay our welcome and left after a couple of days.
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However, she said many overstaying Filipinos have amended their situations as UAE companies have re-started hiring with the economic recovery kicking in.
The maximum sentence for holding a false passport is two years in jail and for overstaying a visa six months in prison and a fine of Au5,000.
Mr Clifford, who speaks on behalf of Tapui and her husband Alexander Zivancevic, said there were "mitigating circumstances" surrounding the third charge of overstaying her visa.
He was detained for overstaying his visa in October last year but was freed on a temporary release in December.
Since November, the Department of Homeland Security has detained more than 2,700 men nationwide, charging them with immigration violations uncovered during registration, such as overstaying their visas.
Japanese students overstaying their welcomes overseas as young Japanese capitalize on domestic inertia at home, selling access to a thriving nightlife demographic (see Stuart Braun's cover story).
Chen is suspected of overstaying her visa for over five years.
Factory worker Sirous Moradi, who was arrested last November and later indicted on charges of overstaying his visa, has had reflex sympathetic dystrophy in his chest since he underwent surgery in late 1999, the lawyer said, citing a medical certificate.
If an absconding and overstaying migrant wants to stay back and become a documented worker, he can do it during this three-month amnesty period.
NEW DELHI -- More than 15,000 Pakistanu nationals were overstaying in India as on December 2013, Rajya Sabha was informed today.
BANGLADESHIS, Americans and Pakistanis occupy the top three slots on the list of 74,600 foreign nationals illegally overstaying in India after the expiry of their visa, an RTI query has revealed.
Two Bangladeshi men were found working illegally and were arrested for overstaying their visas.
RIYADH: RASHID HASSANThe Riyadh deportation center (Tarheel) has started the deportation process of overstaying Indian workers, who have obtained papers from the Indian Embassy seeking repatriation.
VADODARA -- Four Pakistani nationals jailed in India for overstaying their visa Wednesday returned to their country via Wagah border in Punjab, authorities said here.
In general, overstaying in the UAE after the expiry of a residence visa is fined at Dh25 per day.