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overstay (one's) welcome

1. To remain a guest in a place, especially someone's home, for too long, to the point where the host no longer wishes one to stay. After the cool reception I received at breakfast, it was apparent that I had overstayed my welcome at the cottage of my father's friend.
2. By extension, to do something that makes one no longer welcome in or at a place. Things were going fine at the dinner meeting until my coworker made a rather off-color joke, at which point it seemed that we'd overstayed our welcome.
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outstay/overstay your ˈwelcome

(of a guest) stay too long so that you are no longer welcome: We visited some friends in France, but we didn’t want to overstay our welcome and left after a couple of days.
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They clearly overstayed and now want to go back under the amnesty.
In the process, he offered the officer Dh10,000 as bribe to get family visas issued, fix a residence visa for an illegal immigrant who had overstayed for 356 days accumulating fines of Dh7,980 .
The new trial, which starts on 3 November and will run until February 2015, will see HMRC share information with six police forces on foreign vehicles that have entered the UK and that may have overstayed the permitted six months in any 12 month period.
It was suspected the 57-year-old had overstayed his visa and a 33-year-old had entered the country illegally.
On that occasion a 25-year-old Bangladeshi man who had overstayed his visa and was working illegally was arrested.
Bader Al-Malik, said the numbers were so far much less than last year when 17,000 pilgrims overstayed their visas.
Investigation revealed that both foreign passengers had overstayed their visa for more than two years and had not bothered to extend and update their stay since they arrived in the country.
Those who overstayed for only a few weeks or months whose skills are still needed here may have found it easier to amend their situation.
Border chiefs are due to launch the project next month to deal with the huge backlog of foreign nationals who have overstayed their student or temporary work visas, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.
KABUL (PAN): The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) on Sunday said it had helped 10 Nepalese citizens, who overstayed their visas, return to their country from Afghanistan.
Since May 8 this year, officers from the agency's Solihull base have stepped up efforts to find, arrest and detain foreign nationals who have overstayed their limited leave to remain visas.
The Kashmiris, ranging from a former BSF director general to a widow of a government employee, had challenged the government's eviction notice after they had overstayed their official housing.
Chief Justice Al Khatri said the father had little to do with his baby's overstayed problem and it was due to the unrest in Egypt.
Pakistanis who mistakenly had overstayed in Malaysia were provided with all out assistance to regularize their overstay.
The same vehicle was parked at the same store and again overstayed the time limit," wrote Natasha Adams, customer service director at Tesco, this month - in a letter correctly addressed to "Padarn Bus Limited".