overshoot the mark

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overshoot the mark

To pass the intended target, typically due to poor judgment. A: "Did I overshoot the mark?" B: "Yeah, I would back up so that your car isn't sticking out of the parking space!" I think we overshot the mark with our estimate.
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overshoot the mark

1. If you overshoot the mark, you go too far and pass the place where you wanted to be. These birds head for France or Spain but sometimes overshoot the mark and end up in English gardens.
2. If you overshoot the mark, you cause problems by doing something to a greater extent than you intended. A defence cutback took place that went too far — it overshot the mark. Note: The `mark' in these expressions is the target used in archery or shooting.
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overshoot (or overstep) the mark

go beyond what is intended or proper; go too far.
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overshoot the ˈmark

make a mistake when you are judging the amount, etc. of something: He overshot the mark by about $3 million.If you overshoot the mark, you shoot an arrow further than you intended and miss the target.
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The challenge is to find a way to reduce overshoot in boom times as well as lean years.
Typically, however, it is difficult to estimate the uncertainty in overshoot (OS) and undershoot (US) (both terms are defined in Ref.
To address our current overshoot, they say we must effect a change in thought on a scale equal to, or greater than, the one that occurred during the Industrial Revolution.
An ecological overshoot is possible only for a limited time before ecosystems begin to degrade and possibly collapse," WWF said in a (http://wwf.
In the UAE, we are sounding the alarm bell for Earth Overshoot Day.
Member States that overshoot their milk quotas are expected to recover the levy from the dairy farms which have exceeded their quotas since there are separate quotas for each individual producer.
The "as reported" ADP figures have overshot private payrolls in every month since the methodology change of October 2016 except April, June, and November of 2017, leaving an average overshoot of 44k and an average monthly 2017 gain of a solid 212k, versus 168k for BLS private payrolls.
Cynthia Asperas, airport manager of the Kalibo Internationl Airport, however, said in an interview with DZMM that "strong winds" forced the plane to overshoot.
Thus, magnet overshoot, drift, or specimen motion could lead to significant errors.
The module reportedly can bring an extruder barrel up to heat faster because it has practically no temperature overshoot.
Do not rely on sprinklers installed along the top of a slope; their area of coverage is difficult to predict, and they overshoot the plants directly below them.
Should an overshoot of the sub-ceilings be expected, the European Commission will consider if there is scope for reacting by invoking its management powers; otherwise it will propose measures for the Council, during a special session held as part of budgetary considerations, prior to September 15- Should the forecasts in the amending letter to the preliminary draft Budget make it impossible to count on the sub-ceiling being observed, the Commission will recommend that the budgetary discipline Regulation provide for a reduction in the refund of the direct support payable during this budget year alone.
However, the European Commission strenuously objects to the action taken since the overshoot was largely due to the failure of US Customs to record declared imports against the EU quota.
Analysts keep bringing estimates down as we get closer to the reporting period, and many overshoot on the down side,'' said Chuck Hill, director of research at First Call.