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overplay (one's) hand

To have too much confidence in one's ability or position and fail to achieve something as a result. Despite how many want the law repealed, the president may be overplaying his hand by trying to completely dismantle it without having something to take its place. He thought he was irreplaceable, and in asking for an absurdly high raise with the threats of quitting, he may have overplayed his hand.
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overplay your hand

If someone overplays their hand, they act more confidently that they should, because they believe they are in a stronger position than they really are. The right wing drastically overplayed its hand by trying to seize power prematurely. Note: `Hand' in this expression refers to the cards dealt to you in a card game.
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overplay your hand

spoil your chance of success through excessive confidence in your position.
In a card game, if you overplay your hand, you play a hand on the basis of an overestimate of your likelihood of winning.
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overplay your ˈhand

spoil your chance of success by judging your position to be stronger than it really is: Some say that the actors overplayed their hand, asking for too much money for each appearance.
This comes from card games. If you overplay your hand, you play in a way that is too confident because you think your cards are better than they really are.
See also: hand, overplay
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