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*over (with)

finished; concluded. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I hope this thing gets over with pretty soon. When will the lecture get over?
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10) Overing states that "both gestures may seem to associate her with passivity or death; one a kind of acquiescence to the equanimity of its embrace, the other directly .
13) Overing is right when she compares Hidleburh to Helen of Troy, "whose war is waged 'for her and without her'" (Overing 1990: 87).
For Overing (1990: 90-91), Wealhtheow's speeches illustrate the movement from violence and inscription on the flesh to inscription in language.
Overing notices that Wealhtheow's language is devoid of promises as '[it] would overstep the poem's bounds of congruity and possibility for a female speaker to commit an essentially non-existent self - one outside the chain of signification--to a course of action" (1990: 95-96).
The work begins with an occasionally insightful introduction by Lees and Overing under the title "Anglo-Saxon Horizons: Places of the Mind in the Northumbrian Landscape.
In these respects, the imagery of witch attacks embodies a definition of the domain of 'violence' according to which invisible violations can be at least as real and consequential as visible ones (compare Ashforth 1996; Copet-Rougier 1986; Overing 1986; Wiener 1995).
That far and away makes up for the extra ho overing and the exciting world of cat litter.
Thissafer dish met with full approval, the remorseless chewing and ho overing of the plate bearing witness.
In doing so we would in fact be practising the same strategy of concealment by which, in several Oceanic aesthetic schemes, 'any mode of symbolic articulation rests on the simultaneous c overing over of its opposed mode' (1995:37).
Both men knew their weaknesses and apart from a montage of Steve's ho overing and dusting they just carried on in their own selfish way.
IT'Sgot nothing to do with ho overing or dusting but Housework -a night of house that works hits the Magnet on Hardman Street tonight with Dirty Sanchez on the decks.
Crystal Clear is a form of microdermabrasion, which involves pumping non- toxic crystals of aluminium oxide over the skin then ho overing them off, taking dead skin cells away and encouraging cell renewal.
He doesn't drink, smoke, use bad language,go to football or let his car go for a full week without ho overing it.