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into overdrive

into a condition of hard work and effectiveness The staff went into overdrive, trying to get the software ready for release on Monday. There are times when you think this show is going to shift into overdrive, but it never does.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form in overdrive: Law enforcement agencies are in overdrive preparing for the summit meeting.
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go into overdrive

to start working very hard, or to start doing something in an excited way With her exams only two weeks away, she's gone into overdrive and is studying ten hours a day. The tabloid press went into overdrive at the news that the princess was getting married again.
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6 mm overdriven nails failed due to low-cycle fatigue.
peak load of joints decreases with increasing overdriven nail depth;
displacement at peak load decreases with increasing overdriven nail depth; and
toughness of joints decreases significantly with increasing overdriven nail depth.
There is an appreciable decrease and increase in initial stiffness for joints with nails overdriven 1.
When nails are overdriven, however, the bearing area decreases and bearing stresses increase.
Stiffness increased 9,20, and 21 percent for joints with cooler nails overdriven 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 inch, respectively, compared to the stiffness of joints flush driven with cooler nails.
Joints with cooler nails overdriven 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch do not experience any reduction in strength, while joints overdriven 3/16 inch exhibit an approximately 12 percent reduction in strength.
The theoretical strength is reasonably close to the measured strength for joints flush driven or overdriven 3/16 inch.
The data indicate that ultimate loads are reached at smaller critical displacements for joints overdriven with cooler nails compared to joints flush driven with cooler nails.