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overdose (someone) (on something)

 and overdose someone with something
to give someone too much of some substance, usually a drug. The police say he overdosed on heroine. Sam overdosed his sister on the cough medicine. She overdosed herself with aspirin.
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one of the three states hardest hit by drug overdose deaths[sup.
The prescription drug overdose epidemic requires a multifaceted approach, and states are key partners in our efforts on the front lines to prevent overdose deaths.
That measure allows emergency medical personnel to administer a drug that provides temporary relief to overdose victims.
The "sudden, substantial, and sustained decreases" in the dispensing of prescription opioids at the end of 2010 were associated with parallel declines in fatal overdoses, which dropped by 19% in 2011 and by a further 20% in 2012.
There were 25 fatal heroin overdoses in the city in 2014, according to city police.
The hearing heard that Mr Richardson himself had been taken to hospital the night before as the result of an overdose.
The number of heroin-related deaths is over thirty times higher than it was just a decade ago and most deaths are accidental overdoses occurring in young males.
Shocking revelations about oxycodone, which is a commonly used opioid painkiller, have emerged during the Overdose Awareness Day held on Sunday.
Attorney General Eric Holder called the rise in both heroin- and prescription drug-related overdose an "urgent public health crisis.
in 2010 due to opioid-related overdoses, driven largely by prescription drug overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The priority with every drug user needs to be education about the risks of overdose and developing strategies to prevent drug related overdose and deaths.
Some 6,600 American women died of prescription painkiller overdoses in 2010
Overdose training and take-home naloxone for opiate users: Prospective cohort study of impact on knowledge and attitudes and subsequent management of overdoses.
The body of Ann Mulgrove was found in the loft of her bungalow at Meadow Grange, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, last March, and an inquest heard yesterday that she had taken a drugs overdose before her death.