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overdo it

To do so much of an activity that it becomes harmful, detrimental, unenjoyable, or undesirable. I think I overdid it on the decorations—now the house looks downright gaudy. I know you're keen to get back into the gym, but don't overdo it or you'll end up hurting yourself.
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overˈdo it/things

do too much: He rather overdid it last Saturday playing football, and now he’s aching all over.I’ve been overdoing things a bit recently. I really need a rest.
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When you overdo it, your hands might look fresh, but if you use the wrong type of polish remover too often, your nails could become brittle and discolored.
When you overdo it with at-home whitening strips, you can cause permanent damage by softening tooth enamel, irritating the dental pulp where the nerves are and even burning the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth, warns Dr.
Sure, smileys help get your meaning across, but try not to overdo the cutesy factor.
Don't overdo it now because you might regret it later.
I encourage the use of a heart-rate monitor that looks like a wristwatch, so people can watch their heart rate as they're exercising and not overdo it at the beginning," he adds.
The Sun quoted Evra as saying: "He can overdo it when he falls.
Be careful not to overdo it with high fat foods like cheese and eggs.
The dad of seven said: "She's got a very unique look but I hope she doesn't overdo it and spoil herself.
Diego Maradona's boys can keep in trim with regular sessions - so long as they stay sober and don't overdo it.
Remember, if you overdo it tonight no magic potion will cure your hangover.