outside of

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outside of something

except for something; besides something. Outside of the cost of my laundry, I have practically no expenses. Outside of some new shoes, I don't need any new clothing.
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outside of somebody/something

not including someone or something I don't have any work experience, outside of a few summer jobs. Outside of my two cousins in California, I don't have many relatives.
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outside of

Except for, aside from, as in Outside of a little lipstick, she wore no makeup. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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It is because the institution is inside of us, and we can't get outside of ourselves.
He becomes responsible for the DE who aligns head up to outside of the TE.
In the "I", his first step will be with his playside foot on a 45-degree angle aiming just to the outside of the TE or WB block, depending on which one of them is sealing the corner.
According to this logic, individuals should write their own histories, or record the events of their lives, like a masterful Rinehart or Trueblood, who slips outside of history and into a mask to manipulate or take advantage of a given historical context, to define his own identity.
Invisible Man, as I will now elucidate, "plunges" both the idea of a transcendental Self--a name existing outside of history--and the instrumentalization of writing--the capacity to unproblematically record or name the transcendent name.
engineering/construction, insurance, real estate, trade associations/nonprofit and education made up 87% of the sample; the remaining 13% were in industries that fell outside of these areas.
2 shows our Shotgun with the QB five yards deep, "B" four yards deep, "A" two yards outside of the LT and "Z" 17 yards wide.
As shown in the accompanying diagram, the TSP runs from the LOS through the outside of the tackles to a depth of three to four yards.
The integration of Authentica's content security software with Hummingbird DOCS Open, PowerDOCS and DM 5, will enable users to securely share documents with business associates and customers outside of the DOCS environment and across the Internet.
The angle of his break must vary according to the speed of the receiver outside of him.
While this is going on, the HB releases upfield and, at eight yards, wheels outside of the curling WR, thus accomplishing the critical "mesh" point.
If the ball was on the hashmarks, we wanted the receiver on the wide side of the field to align one to two yards outside of the hashmark, and the receiver on the short side to set up no closer than six yards from the sideline.
Hyundai Electronics announced today during its annual shareholders meeting that it has elected four individuals from outside of the company to its board of directors.
AOL International is spearheading AOL's global expansion and manages the AOL and CompuServe services outside of the United States.