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at the outset

At the beginning. Honestly, I never expected this play to be so successful at the outset. At the outset, we had a much smaller budget for our renovations.
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at the outset

Fig. at the very beginning. At the outset, we were told everything we had to do. I learned at the outset of the project that I was to lead it.
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from the outset

throughout, from the very beginning. I felt from the outset that Lisa was the wrong one for the job. From the outset, I felt unwelcome in the group.
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at the outset

Also, from the outset. At the start, from the start. For example, He wanted to explain his position from the outset, but there wasn't time, or At the outset the problem seemed simple, but then it became quite complicated. The noun outset is rarely heard today except in these phrases. [Mid-1700s]
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at/from the ˈoutset (of something)

at/from the beginning of something: I made it clear right from the outset that I disapproved.
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References in classic literature ?
The allegory, at the outset, even in Spenser's own statement, is confused and hazy.
Spenser strangely planned to narrate this beginning of the whole in his final Book, but even if it had been properly placed at the outset it would have served only as a loose enveloping action for a series of stories essentially as distinct as those in Malory.
But as we are to see a great deal of Amelia, there is no harm in saying, at the outset of our acquaintance, that she was a dear little creature; and a great mercy it is, both in life and in novels, which (and the latter especially) abound in villains of the most sombre sort, that we are to have for a constant companion so guileless and good-natured a person.
Two more events remain to be added to the chain before it reaches fairly from the outset of the story to the close.
in the confidence which should subsist between us; and you check me in the outset.
STEVE McClaren does not think he will be afforded a honeymoon period at Newcastle United - and admits the pressure is on him from the outset.
The book was pulp fiction but Francis Coppola's depiction of family business is a classic from the outset.
At the outset of the meeting, the Minister welcomed the ambassador, lauding the firmness of relations between the two countries and their keenness to enhance them in all fields.
He pointed out the existence of signs for the launching of dialogue which he hoped would be launched at the outset of upcoming year, far-reaching to an outcome that would satisfy all sides.
The article pointed out HRH the Premier's farsightedness, realizing from the outset Bahrain's need to achieve economic independence, diversify state revenues and promote Sharia-compliant Islamic banks.
On target from the outset thanks to a whirlwind partnership of 54 from 33 deliveries between Sachin Tendulkar (39) and Virender Sehwag (30), the unlikely task of reaching 321 within 40 overs never really looked beyond India while they kept wickets in hand.
We've got an ops tion to be active if we want to be active but we said at the outset that we would be quiet," Dalglish said.
The market lacked a sense of direction at the outset, after U.
AS THE GREEN MOVEMENT continues to grow, Outset has expanded its products in the Verde Series, a collection of barbecue tools made of 100 percent sustainable materials, including the packaging.
The position in relation to Croke Park has been clear from the outset," said project boss Murphy.