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a down-and-outer

A person who is completely without money, means, support, and/or prospects; an indigent person. His crippling drug addiction left him a down-and-outer, begging for change on the sidewalk.


A person who is destitute or otherwise devoid of any resources. Sarah started a non-profit organization dedicated to help the down-and-outers in her city.

outer core

One part of the inside of the Earth (as opposed to the Earth's "inner core"). All right class, what can you tell me about the Earth's outer core?
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To order this report: Packaging Industry : Latest Trends and Key Issues in the Indian Retail Packaging Market - The outlook for primary packaging containers, closures and outers to 2017 __________________________ Contact Clare: clare@reportlinker.
After flow wrapping, the packs are collated and hand packed into outers, resulting in a finished case of assorted biscuit packs.
Nitrex Optics was the frontrunner in sales, and Sportsman's Headquarters grew their accessories business over 40 percent with brands including Outers, Weaver, Champion, Shooters Ridge and RCBS.
The Bradford plant supplies hinge lid cartons and outers to B.
I ordered an Outers Pistol Perch, assembled it all by myself, proudly carried it to the range and watched my group sizes shrink, often dramatically.
Limited Tenders are invited for Invitation Of Quotation For Supply Of Cover Outers
59 and 5 x 25g for [pounds sterling]2039, but are being launched with a 'buy 2 outers and save [pounds sterling]5' promotion increasing PoR to 22%.
Providing a gourmet finish, simply by filling and serving, both varieties can be purchased in outers of 140, 280 or 560 pieces.
Outers is a leading manufacturer of gun-care chemicals and solvents.
Outers Gunslick line has introduced the best shotgun cleaning tool invented in years.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Cover Outers Of Different Categories At Air Force Station Tezpur Assam
The Grocer has teamed up with Swan to offer 10 lucky readers outers of Swan Green papers, Swan Combi packs and Swan 5+1 Free Multipacks from the UK's number one supplier of filters, papers, lighters and smoking requisites, Swan Green papers are available in a variety of packs while the 5+1 Free Multipacks offer six packs of Swan Green papers for the price of five.
Sewtec Automation has introduced a case/carton loading machine with a small footprint, specifically designed for the collation and loading of packs into shelf ready outers.
Made by Outers, the Tico Tool comes in two sizes, 12/16 or 20 gauge, and either as a one piece or two-piece rod.