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outdo (oneself)

To outperform or outclass one's previous actions or efforts. Wow, Mom, this chili is delicious—you really outdid yourself! The legal team have outdone themselves with this contract.
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outdo oneself

To do something exceptional or superb, especially in relation to past efforts: outdid himself in preparing dinner.
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The report mentioned that the video clip features an accompanying dance aiming to outdo the 'Waka Waka' dance made famous by Shakira at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, adding that the
Speaking at a promotional event, Akshay who will be seen in an underworld gangster avatar in "OUATIMD" said, "We don't make films for reason like I would outdo someone or their films.
Half of those determined to outdo their friends said it was important that their holiday was better, while nine per cent cited jealousy as the reason for their trip.
Apparently all world cup WAGs (that's wives and girlfriends) are already gearing up to outdo each other in Germany and have consulted every dietician, top fitness trainer and fashion designer to try and outdo each other.
Just as I wanted to outdo everyone when I played, I had to outdo everyone when we were out on the town.
1 billion yen, close to Nippon Life's, and is expected to outdo Nippon Life in fiscal 2005.
With Charlie at my side, I am confident that The Sunshine Group will find new ways to continue to be the company to outperform, outdo and outshine all the others--the possibilities are unlimited.
Even so, it takes sophisticated lab equipment to extract results from the nanocomputers, so they're unlikely to outdo silicon-based electronic computers, says Shapiro.
Panama City and Port-of-Spain are fighting to outdo each other to offer the best economic perks and incentives.
As a result, insurers need to provide unique customer-oriented value if they wish to outdo their rivals, and they must be sure to communicate that value to the customers.
In the glitz and glamour of polymorphous art worlds at the brink of pandemonium, where each gigabyte of art strives to outdo all others, these quiet, systematic studies in painting are a special kind of spiritual exercise.
But the new Farm Progress Show was really a way for PF/WLS to outdo the mechanical contests.
are said to outdo all other shrink-sleeve label films in terms of shrink ratio and other properties.
Jensen's strike off the outside of his boot was outstanding, and had opposing managers Kevin Keegan and Terry Venables trying to outdo each other.