out to

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out to (a meal)

to be away, eating a meal. Mary is out to lunch right now. Fred went out to dinner for the evening.
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References in classic literature ?
He lifted the little child, kissed her, and then, still carrying her, he held his other hand out to his wife and turned towards the door.
Thus, Trabb's boy became their guide, and with him they went out to the sluice-house: though by the town way to the marshes, which I had avoided.
Jurgis was driven out to the Bridewell for the second time.
When they got up in the morning, Jurgis was sent out to buy a paper; one of the pleasures of committing a crime was the reading about it afterward.
So Jurgis went out to the stockyards again, and was introduced to the political lord of the district, the boss of Chicago's mayor.
Glaus, the next batter, flied out to center ending the inning.