out of the gate

out of the (starting) gate

at or from the very beginning out of the (starting) blocks The Jayhawks scored the first twelve points out of the gate.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of starting gate (a set of doors that open at the same time to allow horses to begin a race)
See also: gate, of, out
References in classic literature ?
She and her geese came out of the gate at the foot of the hill as Anne and Gilbert passed.
In what is becoming their usual habit, the Dodgers exploded out of the gate, scoring three runs before first-time starter Jae Seo even walked to the mound.
But rather than blaze some new trail, the company stumbled badly out of the gate late last year, with a site chock full of wretched grammar, incoherent design (including an embarrassing name change from "Open Source Media," after a different "Open Source Media" protested), and much wince-inducing wannabe-journalist jargon, such as "compiled by OSM staff in Barcelona.
The blue-chip index tip-toed higher out of the gate and is currently clinging to marginal gains as it eyes the 12,000 millennium mark.
8 million weekend box office performance of Sony Pictures Entertainment's ``Spider-Man'' proved that the nation's movie houses are well-equipped to handle unprecedented numbers of fans right out of the gate thanks to multiple screens and robust advanced online ticket sales.
Richard Mandella-trained Irish Nip, fifth in his only previous outing, shot out of the gate at the start of the 1 1/16-mile race, and Pincay found himself dueling for the lead with jockey Iggy Puglisi and Laps n'Bounds.
USC rocketed out of the gate for an 8-0 lead its first two at-bats, driving ASU starter Ryan Mills, the sixth player taken in last week's draft, off the mound by the second inning.
But nobody is conceding the race to him, especially not Abaginone, who generally flies out of the gate right to the lead and challenges others to catch him.