out of the closet

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*out of the closet

1. Fig. revealing one's secret interests. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~; get ~.) Tom Brown came out of the closet and admitted that he likes to knit. It's time that all of you lovers of chamber music came out of the closet and attended our concerts.
2. Fig. revealing that one is homosexual. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~; bring someone ~.) Tom surprised his parents when he came out of the closet. It was difficult for him to be out of the closet.
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Ironically, when Carnes was subsequently cast in a small role on Desperate Housewives, he had no idea--and neither, it seems, did the show's writers--that his character would return months later to come out of the closet, dragging Bree Van De Kamp's teenage son with him.
To rebuild integrity you may want to plan a journey as far out of the closet as possible in the near future.
In the eight years that Kolbe has been out of the closet, his party and, more importantly, his constituents have fiercely backed him.
Even those houses that don't go that far keep a supply of gay-friendly literature on such topics as what to do if a brother comes out of the closet.
Still, she says, she wanted her school to participate in the national Day of Silence--a project of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network to protest anti-gay violence and harassment--because her friends couldn't safely come out of the closet.
But a sibling's becoming a parent can stir up latent prejudices "given the polluting association of gays and child molestation," says sociologist Steve Seidman, who's writing a book analyzing problems gays face after they're out of the closet.
Haines, the funny, butch raconteur with a booming voice, is the subject of the new documentary Out of the Closet, Off the Screen: The Life of William Haines, premiering February 5 on the American Movie Classics network.
The great news that Riegel would be working closely with Emmy winner Susan Lucci (who plays Erica) got better when she found out she'd be playing the first central character in all of soapdom to come out of the closet.
While posing as limousine liberals, most of today's movie stars have shirked their responsibility to come out of the closet.
The fact that there are a lot of gay A&R people actually works against queer musicians because either they are in the closet and afraid of being outed or out of the closet and afraid of being accused of having an agenda.
My sense is, they were so frightened and so angry, the shootings chased them out of the closet.