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Scientists believe the clay to be fallout from an impact dust cloud that would have circled the Earth, blocking out light and knocking the climate out of kilter.
Many CEOs don't realize how out of kilter their lives have become until they face a crisis," McCrovitz says.
Every now and then, something happens that makes you think the world is out of kilter.
Colborn added Park said his body was out of kilter and he felt tight before the bullpen session.
TWO out of five employees feel their lives are out of kilter and the balance between work and home is wrong, says a recent report.
One section is angular and asymmetrical; the shapes are out of kilter, yet Caponigro remains centered throughout.
The block in which they are housed is nothing short of an eyesore and decidedly out of kilter with the other buildings on this famous street.
Michelotti called the current drug distribution system - with trained pharmacists distracted by mountains of paperwork better delegated to others - archaic and out of kilter.
Some critics reckoned the mix was a bit out of kilter but sexy couture has always been Vivienne's stockin' trade.
What was out of kilter in the festival was that dancers not yet able to handle half-hour stretches did so anyway, and works like Raymond Johnson's My Sin and TV Land lost their point.
But Grudzielanek said it took him nearly three weeks to start feeling like his normal self, and by then his timing was out of kilter.
There were astonishing phrases in which she was so out of kilter, so at odds with her own body, that it amounted to a bizarre, twisted kind of virtuosity, though the presentation was anything but theatrical or grotesque.
Harking back to the glory days of glam with a bit of punk thrown in, Placebo were out of kilter with the late '90s indie scene.
He's got outstanding control, but when all those parts aren't working in unison, it throws everything out of kilter.