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know ˈdifferent/ˈotherwise

(informal) have more information about something: She thought he was upset about the divorce, but I knew different.

or ˈotherwise

used to refer to something that is different from or the opposite of what has just been mentioned: It was necessary to discover the truth or otherwise of these statements.We insure against all damage, accidental or otherwise.
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Quiggley owns 100% of Zeno, a corporation otherwise eligible for QSub status.
Examples of benefits commonly provided as incentives for voluntary terminations include cash payments (one-time or a series), enhancements to defined benefit pension or other postemployment benefit (OPEB) formulas, and healthcare coverage when none otherwise would be provided.
2,280, interrupting Johnny Grant's otherwise non-busy day to lift the velvet curtain and expose the next perfect place for some out-of-towner to drop his ice cream cone on an otherwise perfect summer's day.
Shortly thereafter, the curtains came down at the eighth annual Festival de Marseille, which would otherwise have run July 2-20 and would have featured new dances by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Wire Vandekeybus, as well as a new piece by Robert Wilson.
In "Writing Robeson" Duberman declares that "the biographer's job is to tell the truth," resisting the ideological and personal pressures to do otherwise.
The deemed gain would precipitate a substantial 2001 tax, since the election will only save 10 percent of the capital gains tax, equal to only 2 percent of the gain, that otherwise would be incurred (at, for example, the usual 20-percent rate compared to the elective 18-percent rate).
Determining if a person with a disability is otherwise qualified under the ADA is a two-step process.
Partly lined with rich glimmering copper sheets, it is otherwise enclosed by sandblasted and clear glass panels.
Since evidence of zoning compliance is the first uncommon denominator in an otherwise uniform group of loans, it is thus subject to heightened scrutiny should the agencies shine a light on any loan or pool of loans.
Otherwise, campers may believe that shouting is the way you normally speak, and they will pay little attention to your raised voice.
Presumably, every employer who discharges or otherwise disciplines an employee for absenteeism due to a disability could be called upon to provide reasons why the absenteeism could not be reasonably accommodated.
person to a foreign corporation ("outbound" transfers described in section 367(a)), (ii) certain transfers of stock or assets of a foreign corporation to a foreign or domestic corporation ("foreign-to-foreign" or "inbound" transfers described in section 367(b)), and (iii) certain distributions otherwise governed by section 355 (relating to tax-free spin-offs, split-offs, and split-ups), also under section 367(b).
These forward-looking statements, which may apply to us specifically or the email marketing technology and services industry in general, are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the PSLRA and include estimates and assumptions related to economic, competitive, regulatory, judicial, legislative and other developments, including without limitation statements regarding the plans, expectations, assumptions of future financing transactions are considered forward-looking statements for purposes of the federal securities laws or otherwise and speak only as of the date hereof.
At the start of 2006, Congress was poised to enact another one-year extension of the research credit (which otherwise expired on Dec.