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Its roughly triangular belly extends along the proximal third of the shank and gives rise to a slender ossified tendon, which inserts on the proximal end of the medial side of the tibial cartilage.
This middle ear connection, also known as the ossified Meckel's cartilage, resembles the embryonic condition of living mammals and the primitive middle ear of pre-mammalian ancestors.
IN 1918, new dad Thomas Button abandons his baby, disgusted that he looks like an old man, with ossified bones and wrinkled skin.
His wife dies shortly after delivery and he recoils at the sight of the mewling infant, who looks like an old man with ossified bones and wrinkled skin.
Mr Button recoils in horror at the baby swaddled in a blanket: the mewling infant looks like an old man, with ossified bones and wrinkled skin, and will apparently die within hours.
Yet the myth that he was in charge, which began during his lifetime, ossified into schoolbook history.
The sight of the ossified ethics committee forced back to life by the Foley scandal is more pathetic than heartening.
Any further progress toward understanding the most fundamental constituents of the universe will require physicists to abandon the now ossified ideology" of string theory, writes Woit.
Besides an ossified vertical structure, Japanese warehousing companies suffer from an overemphasis on keeping costs down.
Mexico's ossified, corrupt political system needs shaking up, but not like this.
Mr Trickett told the paper: "We're living in a 24-7 society, yet our Parliament seems so ossified that it goes into recess for 11 weeks and there seems no way for backbenchers to bring back MPs".
Both computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (figure 1) of the cervical region showed an ossified, heterogenous, and well-demarcated mass in front of the second cervical vertebra at the right side of the midline, close to the vertebral and internal carotid arteries.
The remaining bones in the head region are not ossified until the juvenile stage.
Flattening and deranging a plot that most of us find utterly predictable, even reassuring (chaos erupts and people in uniforms show up to restore order), Refraction exposes something more disturbing than chaos running through the warp and woof of the social fabric--that is, order itself, ossified, emptied of meaning, and transformed into a series of ritual gestures.
Despite these impressive early results, Herold's long-term task is truly Sisyphean: Chip away at the ossified paternalism in French and European governance, convince a nation that treasures its generous safety net that it can't last, and confront an entrenched culture that views noisome public sector strikes as the preferred method for conflict resolution.