ornament with

ornament (something) with (something)

To adorn something with various ornaments or decorations. He had ornamented his cubicle with figurines from different video games and animated shows. They've ornamented the entire outside of their house with Christmas paraphernalia.
See also: ornament

ornament something with something

to decorate something with something. The driver ornamented his truck with lots of chrome. The room was ornamented with velvet drapes, wood paneling, family portraits—a den of Victorian virtue.
See also: ornament
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For something sure to start a conversation around the tree, consider Kathie Lee Gifford's elegant Lenox china ornament with three cherubs on the front to represent the ideals of childhood: beauty, innocence and joy.
About 60 percent of the line sells for under $10, although some, such as an ornament with Santa Claus in a fire truck, go for more than $40.