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originate from (some place or something)

To come from some place or source of origin. The olives we use to create this oil originate from Greece, so you can be sure that you are getting an authentic flavor. The story actually originated from an idea I had in college about a robot that travels the cosmos absorbing the culture and knowledge of different alien species.
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originate in (some place or something)

To begin in or stem from some place or source of origin. Our family tree originates in Sicily, but we have branches extending to nearly every continent on the planet! It seems like the issue originates in the company's bookkeeping protocols.
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originate with (someone or something)

To begin with someone or something; to have been started or instigated by someone or something. The idea actually originates with my friend Michael, who told me his a dream he had about a robot that travels the cosmos. The trail of dirty money originates with a shell company in the Seychelles.
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originate from something

to come from something or some place. Did you originate from around here? I originated from a different area of the country. Some of our customs originate from old beliefs.
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originate in something

to have had a beginning in something or some place. The river originates in the Andes Mountains. All your troubles originate in your lungs.
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originate with someone or something

to have been started by someone, something, or during a time period or event. Did this policy originate with you? This idea originated with the committee.
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market for mortgage originations has continued to struggle through the second quarter.
Commercial and multifamily mortgage bankers' loan originations in the fourth quarter of 2006 were 3 percent higher than during the same quarter last year, according to MBA.
Davis points out that lenders close a relatively small percentage of the origination requests they receive.
Ngenius: our origination and disbursement engine that supports Nconcert, Ntrust and Nteract.
Refinancings accounted for 55 percent of all mortgage originations, the group said.
91, financial institutions recognized these loan origination costs, for book purposes, through current expensing.
It also recently hired industry veteran David Spector, who will help build out the firm's European mortgage franchise, as well as Aaron Goodman, who will help develop a best-in-class mortgage origination and capital markets technology platform.
MBA's quarterly survey of commercial/multifamily mortgage loan originations showed the $58.
The IRS has been at odds with financial institution taxpayers over the treatment of loan origination costs since the adoption of SFAS No.
Davis said the company reviewed 56 origination requests in October, totaling $308.
COMMERCIAL AND MULTIFAMILY MORTGAGE loan originations set a new record during the second quarter of 2005, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.
In the first month of operations, C acquires at origination loans with an aggregate stated principal of $10,000,000 and an aggregate discount of $400,000.