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This helps to ensure your client pays agreed-upon prices only for goods ordered and received.
Most catalogs charge on o sliding scale based on the number or size of the items ordered.
Although unintentional, it resulted in them sometimes picking tests that were more acceptable or appropriate than [those] originally ordered.
based aviation investment firm, acting on behalf of one of its investment funds, has ordered four 747-8 Freighters, with an option to order an additional two airplanes.
Following the leadership of Carl Thomas, they also failed to divest their shares when ordered to do so.
Continental ordered 10 additional Boeing 787 jetliners and 34 737s, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported, quoting unnamed sources.
It has ordered a total of six with deliveries through January 2008.
Items ordered and/or quoted can be a combination of items direct from a regular catalog or in more complex industries a customer can invoke the embedded configurator to make certain that the end item is exactly what is required.
In addition, ManageSoft Self-Service Ordering provides an enterprise ordering portal including a dynamic rules engine that enables easy ordering of software within corporate standards, migration of user data from old computers, and automatic download and installation of the ordered software on new computers.
Kansas-based Eldorado National ordered TwinVision(R) amber all-LED electronic destination sign systems for a total of 34 new buses in the public transit fleets in Oakland, Calif.
com's (Nasdaq:AMZN) largest new product release ever, with more than 500,000 copies ordered in just four months on www.