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ordain (one) as (something)

To invest one with the powers, duties, and responsibilities attendant upon a particular religious role. Often used in passive constructions. Regina Jones was ordained as the first female rabbi in 1935. I just heard the clergy ordained Tom as a priest.
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ordain someone

 (as) something
1. Lit. to establish someone as a priest or minister. In a lovely ceremony, they ordained David as a priest. He was ordained as a priest by a bishop.
2. Fig. to establish someone as something. They ordained the poor old man as a deputy sheriff. Was he duly ordained as a Mercedes mechanic?
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The snapshots of each day portray events from lone citizens' train rides to an Elton John concert, a Catholic ordainment ceremony, Boston's Gay Pride parade, gatherings of children and jazz musicians, the eve of deployment to Iraq of a National Guard unit, volunteer construction of a playground, and the action surrounding Boston's art and urban wildlife.
While Chicago's bishop, Wayne Miller, agreed the celibacy rule should be reversed and did not block her ordainment, he didn't attend the ceremony at Resurrection Lutheran Church either.
Years of tears and days of toil, Are now but fears and tyrants spoil, Ordainment has surely come to pass, But endure alone one must this farce.
Gallagher, the Church of the Resurrection board president who aspires to ordainment, said she delights in being part of a church where gays and lesbians are embraced for their gifts of time and money, not their sexual orientation.
and We sent down iron (16)), as well as the Qur'an itself: Indeed We sent it down on the Night of Ordainment.
95) Paragraph 2 of this article continues: "Urban property performs its social function when it meets the fundamental requirements for the ordainment of the city as set forth in the master plan.
The strong form route of standards-into-law arises by ordainment,
JERUSALEM) The ordainment of Maya Leibovieh as rabbi of Mevasseret Zion, a town outside Jerusalem, created a stir in 1993.