opt in

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opt in(to something)

to choose to join in. She opted into our plans. She opted in almost immediately.
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Overdraft opt-ins cannot be grouped with other account features to entice customers to opt in.
Don't make it appear as though checks or recurring debits won't be covered if the customer doesn't opt in to the ATM/debit card program.
Don't suggest that perhaps better treatment could be had if they did opt in.
Origination through direct ripping of CDs or local WAV files -- Single click file encoding into all required formats -- Data origination through simple graphic user interface (GUI) -- Rights management by region or individual territory -- A Contract Management suite that allows for contract posting or opt ins and outs on existing distributor's contracts -- A one-stop accounting solution to receive one consolidated report and payment from all licensees About Broad Street Digital Ltd.
Banks and credit unions concerned with staying in compliance, improving opt ins and optimizing internal mailing resources have chosen to automate the process.