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at opposite poles

At or holding two completely opposite positions, opinions, or viewpoints, as between two people or two groups of people. Refers to the North and South Pole, which lie diametrically opposite each other along the Earth's axis of rotation. The two parties of the government are at opposite poles on so many issues, it's a wonder anything is accomplished at all! Steve and I are just at opposite poles about the meaning of this poem.
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on opposite sides of the barricade(s)

Occupying conflicting, opposing, and/or contrary positions on some issue or in some situation. Unfortunately, it seems more and more to be the case that those who would see the economy recover and those who strive for social equality find themselves on opposite sides of the barricade.
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opposites attract

Unlike people tend to be drawn to each other. A: "I have no idea why Ben and Julia are together when they have such different interests." B: "Well, opposites attract, right?" I know firsthand that opposites attract because my wife and I are very different people and have a very happy marriage!
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opposite sex

the other sex; (from the point of view of a female) males; (from the point of view of a male) females. (Also with member of, as in the example.) Ann is crazy about the opposite sex. Bill is very shy when he's introduced to the opposite sex. Do members of the opposite sex make you nervous?
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be two sides of the same coin

  also be different/opposite sides of the same coin
if two things are two sides of the same coin, they are very closely related although they seem different Violent behaviour and deep insecurity are often two sides of the same coin. Higher living standards and an increase in the general level of dissatisfaction are opposite sides of the same coin.
See split sides
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opposite number, one's

One's counterpart, as in He's my opposite number in the California office. This expression is generally used for a person's equivalent in another organization or system ( number alluding to their position in a hierarchy). [c. 1900]
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In 2009, it broke the world record for particle collision energy when its two oppositely directed proton beams each reached 1.
Just how this molecule was able to multiply at the expense of its oppositely handed counterpart remained unclear until 2001, when Imperial College's Blackmond and her collaborators discovered a possible mechanism underlying Soai's reaction.
The particles are then grounded to oppositely charged surfaces such as walls and floors.
Blazars, like many active galaxies, emit oppositely directed jets of particles traveling near the speed of light when matter falls toward their central supermassive black holes.
By measuring the direction and degree of curvature and other characteristics, the scientists distinguish between oppositely charged particles with the same mass and thus distinguish matter from antimatter.
To see the image users wear a lightweight pair of inexpensive glasses with oppositely polarized lenses.
To make the sandwich, he alternately dips a glass plate in two solutions of oppositely charged polymers, and finally adds a precise dose of silver.
The new image shows two oppositely directed jets, each about 10 light-years long, shooting out from the remnant's center.
Washington, July 15 (ANI): NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has found the core of an active galaxy, where a feeding supermassive black hole drives oppositely directed particle jets, as revealed by gamma rays.
Because the ink is insoluble in the reservoir, the oppositely charged polymers bind to each other, causing the ink to coagulate.
The charges do not become stacked-up, waiting to recombine with their oppositely charged twins," he added.
Polymer films that absorb a lot of water, for example, aren't good environments for cell growth, so Rubner's lab has been using two oppositely charged polymers, commonly called PAA and PAH, to create layered films that swell with different amounts of water depending on the acidity of their environments.
The brightest galaxies Fermi sees are active galaxies, which emit oppositely directed jets of particles traveling near the speed of light.
Such jets may show up as single bursts or oppositely directed pairs.
Like many active galaxies, a blazar emits oppositely directed jets of particles traveling near the speed of light as matter falls into a central supermassive black hole.