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as opposed to

Instead of; in contrast to. We're going to Florida for our vacation this year, as opposed to the local beach. As opposed to sitting around watching TV, you could be working on your paper.
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opposed to something

in opposition to something. I am strongly opposed to your suggestion. He is morally opposed to war.
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as opˈposed to

(written) used to make a contrast between two things: 200 people attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year.This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to (= rather than) strength.
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as opposed to

In contrast to: "a Baroque violin that ... uses gut strings as opposed to metal-wound ones" (William Zagorski).
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The people" of the Democratic Opposer know that it is the presence of "Mugabe" that is preventing the West from giving them Friendly White Money.
Une mini-journee qui sera marquee, incontestablement, par l'affiche devant opposer, au stade 8-Mai-45 de Setif, l'Entente locale a la JSK.
Cette journee sera tronquee d'un match apres le report du match devant opposer le Raja et le KACM en raison de la participation des Verts a la Coupe du Monde des Clubs de football, Maroc 2013 (11-21 decembre).
En face, les Toulousains, prives de Jerome Fernandez, le capitaine de l'equipe de France, victime d'une fracture d'un pouce et probablement indisponible pendant deux mois, avaient trop peu d'arguments a opposer.
How to deal with an opposer Don't waste time defending yourself.
Le tirage au sort des demi-finales de la coupe d'Algerie de football, effectue hier au siege de la Television algerienne a donne lieu a une affiche allechante devant opposer l'ESS au MOB.
L'equipe nationale s'est preparee a cette competition en effectuant plusieurs stages de concentration ponctues par des matchs amicaux face a des clubs du championnat national, a-t-il rappele, tout en indiquant le dernier match amical devant opposer la selection nationale au Rwanda lundi a Nice.
Les Etats-Unis rejettent les efforts visant a denigrer les croyances religieuses des autres, et nous devons tous, de facon non equivoque, nous opposer a ce genre de violence insensee qui coute la vie a des fonctionnaires", a souligne M.
Sidi acted as chairperson, Katie the proposer and Emily the opposer in the motion - 'Honesty is the best policy, but should parents always tell the truth to their children?
I AM utterly disgusted at Ivor Wynne Jones' article,but I am not surprised, since he is an ardent opposer of Welsh identity and a devotee of English rule.
With publishing marks, time is of the essence because a potential opposer has only 30 days to act.
Le match devant opposer le FUS de Rabat au Widad Fes, a ete reporte en raison de l'engagement des Fussistes au match retour face a l'Entente de Setif d'Algerie, vendredi, pour le compte de la quatrieme journee de la phase de poules de la Coupe de la Confederation africaine de football (CAF).
Le match de preparation qui devait opposer l'Egypte au Cameroun hier mardi a Alexandrie, a ete annule pour des raisons de securite, a indique lundi la Federation camerounaise de football (Fecafoot).
The proposer will be Colin Tudge (author of So Shall We Reap), seconded by Dr Michael Abberton, and the opposer will be the grassland agriculture expert Professor Roger Wilkins, seconded by Arthur Davies.
As such an opposer of the Christian faith hasn't Mr Lloyd realised - or been courteous enough to check his facts regarding this - that born-again Christians believe the Bible version of ``creation''.