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Opera users will have a chance to win exclusive prizes as well as the possibility to meet Simi.
But she's well aware that opera is often seen as a high-brow art form and that many of those who say they don't like opera have, in fact, never been to one.
Brands and video content owners will be in the spotlight for Opera at IBC with the new Opera TV Snap tool, which simplifies app development and brings video content quickly to TV audiences.
July 1: General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet/ B.
6; and two shorter operas, Franco Leoni's "L'oracolo" and Gian Carlo Menotti's "The Medium" on Oct.
It is Cronenberg's first opera, which will have set designs by Academy Award winner Dante Ferretti and costume designs by Denise Cronenberg, the director's sister.
For the intensely musical Morris, opera seems a natural, evolutionary step.
Organized opera in Tijuana began literally underground, in the basement of enthusiast Enrique Fuentes' Internet cafe, Cafe de la Opera.
This is Tijuana's Cafe de la Opera, the brainchild of Enrique Fuentes, a teacher's assistant across the border in San Diego, California, and, above all, an opera lover.
We've always been out personally, in our work; we just never said it in print," says the 37-year-old soprano, referring to the June issue of Opera News, where she discussed her relationship with the 33-year-old Clayton for the first time.
Opera will import Netscape bookmarks and supports some popular plug-ins.
Steven Watson's rousing chronicle of the making of the 1934 Virgil Thomson/Gertrude Stein opera, Four Saints in Three Acts, is a 42nd Street for the American avant-garde.
Michael's College, University of Toronto, for many years, possesses a knowledge of opera which few others who are not professional musicians can rival.
Sternfeld has presented an encyclopedic study which concentrates on some of the main themes and devices of opera from its pre-history in the Orpheus myth of classical antiquity to the neo-classical representations of the myth by Stravinsky and others.
In developing an acoustic design strategy for Glyndebourne, the acousticians were faced with the usual dilemmas presented by an opera venue, compounded by the added challenge of a circular space.