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The person of faith was expected to develop habits in practising the means of grace so as to open one's heart and life to God's working.
All that is necessary is to let go of one's cherished images of home and open one's heart to the encompassing darkness.
Psalms Through the Year is applicable to any calendar year, and each psalm's one-page entry comes with thoughtful contemplation concerning the theological messages, spiritual life lessons, and means to open one's heart to God that are intrinsic to the psalms.
Written by the "People's Kabbalist" Yehuda Berg with award-winning author Dev Ross, The 72 Names of God for Kids: A Treasury of Timeless Wisdom introduces young readers to Kabbalah teachings and combinations of Aramaic letters that spell God's names--not ordinary names like Joshua or Sarah, but rather mystical names that can help one quiet selfish impulses, open one's heart spiritually, and become a better person.
The recording's most moving and touching tune is "He's Calling You," which closes the set with an invitation to open one's heart to God.
Verwoerd doesn't pretend learning to open one's heart to the suffering of the real victims is easy.