open (one's) eyes

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open (one's) eyes

1. To see or realize the truth about something. Open your eyes, Stan—they're just using you for cheap labor!
2. To cause one to see or realize the truth about something. The documentary really opened my eyes about the conditions in that country.
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open one's eyes

Become or make someone aware of the truth of a situation, as in It's time you opened your eyes to the politics of this office, or The trip to Zimbabwe opened her eyes to the difficulties faced by developing nations. [Second half of 1800s]
See also: eye, open

open your eyes

If you open your eyes, you suddenly make an effort to notice things that you had not noticed before. Every city has its problems. You have only to open your eyes to see them.
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open someone's eyes

enlighten someone about certain realities; cause someone to realize or discover something.
1998 Scoular Anderson 1314 & All That These events opened his eyes to what had happened to his country. Now his one wish was that Scotland should be independent.
See also: eye, open

open (one's) eyes

To become aware of the truth of a situation.
See also: eye, open
References in classic literature ?
However painful it may be, I shall not shrink from my duty, if my duty compels me to open her eyes to the truth.
Palin added that those who are in this position now as a parent or a grandparent realize sanctity of life- how innocent, how precious it is, adding that of all places it should be in the womb that these babies are protected, so maybe even on a social issue like that she'll open her eyes.
The panic-stricken actress could not open her eyes when she woke up after a night out at a restaurant where she had suffered blurred vision.
ITV, where the former Doctor Who star has just finished filming Secret Diary of a Call Girl, said: "Billie woke up and couldn't open her eyes.
Nia Wynn Jones has given hope to her anxious parents by managing to open her eyes for the first time.
They watch over her with cautious optimism, hoping that 14-year-old Christine Eltz will open her eyes and recognize those who love her so much.
Trying to open her eyes to what he sees as a deception, he merely succeeds in opening her eyes to his own lack of respect.