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ooze (out) (from someone or something)

 and ooze out (of someone or something)
to seep out of someone or something. The heavy oil oozed out from the hole in the barrel. Some blood was oozing out of his nose.

ooze with something

1. Lit. to flow or seep with something; to be covered with some oozing substance. The wound oozed with blood. The roast beef oozed with juices.
2. Fig. [for someone] to exude an ingratiating or insincere manner. The used-car salesman oozed with insincerity. The young woman oozed with charm.
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When the milk oozed out of the nose and mouth of the 4 month old baby, Rizana in her statement says that "I stroke the throat of the infant gently.
The volcano last oozed lava (erupted molten rock) in the 1980s.
Brick Lane Remix, 2003, was an array of salvaged steel shelving units, bearing an assortment of light boxes and rectangular acrylic sheets of various hues, that oozed yards of cabling from the back.
Soon, 200,000 gallons of the black goo had oozed into the sea.
Since Japan's Unzen volcano awoke in 1990 from a 200-year repose, lava has oozed from a vent on its eastern slope, forming an unstable dome that looms menacingly over towns below.
Foul-smelling sludge oozed through the cinder-block walls of basement rec rooms.
Add water to the beaker and drop in the 2 Transforming Alien Rocks to see which 1" translucent character will appear after the DNA has oozed off.
She plays the blues like Big Mama Thornton and oozed charisma in front of a sell-out crowd who joined in with a couple of gospelinspired call-and-response numbers.