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com VIP, and Drupal, Oomph works with clients on strategy, design, and engineering services revolving around these platforms.
The Oomph Ally program is divided into four service tiers: Ally Core[TM], Ally R[TM], Ally DX[TM] , and Ally SLX[TM] .
Yeah, a little oomph," whispered Bruce, a distracted look playing across his face as if struggling to recall whether or not he'd left the gas on.
Eric Underwood was bursting at the seams with strength and oomph.
They just don't have enough oomph left to close the breech quickly.
Keck's book is not an easy read--it could use a bit more narrative oomph to propel the reader through 300 pages of legal analysis--but it does an excellent job of giving Justice O'Connor her due.
However there are positives with this lack of oomph under the bonnet, not least economy figures of nearly 65mpg combined ( according to Ford, Fusion TDCi models enjoy a range of up to 634 miles on a full tank of fuel.
As for its hallucinogenic properties, industrial hemp is to marijuana what near beer is to beer-it has practically zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the elemental oomph in marijuana that makes you get high.
Each year, we go through the same thing: an entire new line of nozzles gets hooked up to the garden hose in the hopes of finally finding one that provides enough oomph to clean the gutters, remove mold and mildew from the deck, get rid of the oil stains on the driveway, clear baked on deposits from the barbecue grill, and, of course, wash the mini-van.
The researchers calculated that at about 97,000 meters (60 miles) above the South Pole, the added energy could give upward-blowing winds some extra oomph and boost the southern clouds higher than their northern counterparts.
Slezak's women are neither too masculine nor falsetto, and his knack for infusing both compassion and self-interest to the characters adds that oomph of multi-dimensionality that brings audio alive.
Only a few years ago, hefty desktops bragged about having this kind of oomph.
Dreamed up by the Stilton Cheese Makers' Association, press ads for the `Add a Little Oomph with Stilton' campaign will go into newspaper supplements, women's magazines and TV listings titles this autumn.
The iconic oomph and reach of dead Kennedys is irresistibly sacred to us Americans and even the aggressive commercialism of the new hotel would surely have been humbled by the necessity of this national project of commemoration and fraudulent grief.
He could pack more pictorial oomph into a small over-the-couch format than a lot of canvas-rich but talent-poor billboarders can into an entire gallery.