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The former England boss said: "Getting a win in your first game after a fantastic victory on Wednesday night - back-to-back league wins for the first time this season, let's hope it's onwards and upwards boys.
The Co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal Kunal Bahl has stated that the newly unveiled logo features an arrow pair creating a box, and this expresses the startup's journey as partners and enablers, demonstrating growth, onwards and upwards, of the company.
The Fir Park defender is adamant it's onwards and upwards after moving one point away from the top half of the table with a derby win at Accies.
Ryan Davies Oh that's wonderful news, keep thinking positive Nadine Snowdon Onwards and upwards, well done Owen
GURL All good news if you ask me, onwards and upwards for the project.
geemozzie @Wrexham_FC onwards and upwards lads we can still do it @Jonners_86 Yesterdays result aside what a great set of fans and players @Wrexham_FC have.
I am obviously a little bit rusty, but I have ticked a box by completing 45 minutes and hopefully it will be onwards and upwards from there.
IT IS great to see that Birmingham and showbiz personalities are still supporting Help Harry Help Others, a charity which a lot of us Brummies have taken to our hearts and will continue to support onwards and upwards.
uk ARTS PODCAST TOP FIVE 1 Original stained-glass Liver Bird is found at Liverpool''s bombedout church 2 Rioters caused pounds 12,000 of damage to Merseyside fire engines 3 Bankrupt Liverpool property boss Sam Beilin among seven arrested in Soca fraud probe 4 Cunard Line fleet Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria to return to Liverpool 5 Gary Bainbridge: Onwards and upwards
I loved my time at Bath, it was unreal, but I'm enjoying myself down in Melbourne and it is now onwards and upwards and all about looking forward.
He's signed some top players and there is no doubt that Sunderland, under his guidance, will be onwards and upwards.
With this influx of savvy consumers combing the Web for the best online shopping deals, we can only expect this accelerating online growth rate to continue onwards and upwards.
Racing doesn't always go to plan -- onwards and upwards.
Every year we think it must have just peaked, but it just goes onwards and upwards.
Mally Mclane Onwards and upwards for the university then, it can only help with the overall redevelopment of the town.