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*onto someone

seeing through someone's deception. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; catch ~.) By the time we got on to the con artists, they were out of town. The sheriff got onto Jed, and Jed wanted to get out of town fast.

*onto something

1. Fig. alerted to or aware of a deceitful plan. (*Typically: be ~; catch ~.) The cops are onto your little game here. Fig. having found something useful or promising; on the verge of discovering something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I think we are really onto something this time. lam onto a new discovery.
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Sheets of Alcryn have been successfully seamed by calendering a thin strip of PVC onto the edges of the sheets, then fusing the PVC like a hot-melt adhesive.
The man was arrested when he ran onto the Avenue L overpass where law enforcement officers were waiting.
1) Treated sewage from the Lancaster treatment plant spills onto Rosamond Dry Lake in an Edwards Air Force Base file photo.
Fashioning a stamp from a common polymer, than "inking" it with the water-repelling chemical alkanethiol, the scientists pressed a checkerboard-like pattern onto a thin film of gold, creating an array of "hydrophobic" one-micrometer squares.
The occasional effluent overflows onto the dry lake bed are a symptom of a greater problem: the district's need for additional capacity to handle the region's projected growth.
Los Angeles County Sanitation District 14 is facing a 2005 deadline from state water regulators to stop the overflow of treated effluent from the Lancaster sewage treatment plant onto Rosamond Dry Lake.
Of that number, 25 were referred for psychiatric evaluation and treatment, as was one gang member who pushed someone onto the tracks.
SHERMAN OAKS - Both the Ventura Boulevard and Greenleaf Avenue on-ramps to the northbound San Diego Freeway will be closed for nine months while Caltrans upgrades one of the nation's most-gridlocked interchanges, the 101-405, detouring thousands of motorists onto neighborhood streets.
Today's semiconductor manufacturers use photolithography to etch microscopic circuits onto computer chips: They shine light through a mask onto a photosensitive surface to create the circuit's pattern.
Additionally, in a partnership with Ames Goldsmith Corporation, the leading supplier of silver products to the electronics industry, NanoDynamics is positioned to commercialize an array of silver nanomaterials that can be printed by ink-jet or more traditional printing techniques directly onto a broad range of substrates, including flexible materials such as paper and plastic.
The occasional overflows onto the dry lake bed are a symptom of a greater problem: the district's need for additional capacity to handle the region's projected growth.
Clemmer caution that researchers using scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs) to image biological molecules deposited onto a commonly used graphite substrate often mistake biological-looking features of the graphite surface for the biomolecules they aim to study.
The ability to bring new sites online for existing clients as well as add new clients onto our DWDM network without disrupting service is one of the key reasons we selected the ROADM capabilities of the Cisco ONS 15454," commented Tero Ahokas, director, Global Operations for TietoEnator.
for nearly six hours and traffic was blocked for six miles after the truck tipped over onto a dirt embankment, police said.
Yoshio Okahata and his colleagues at the Tokyo Institute of Technology are testing an alternative hypothesis: that bitter and odorous substances trigger sensory cells in the tongue and nose by adhering to the cells' lipid membranes, and not by latching onto protein receptors.