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get (someone) onside

To gain someone's support or approval. If we can get the CEO onside, it would definitely help us to further this initiative.
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keep (someone) onside

To maintain someone's support or approval. If we want to expand our initiative, then we definitely need to keep the CEO onside.
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get/keep somebody onˈside

get/keep somebody’s support: The government needs to keep the major national newspapers onside to help win votes in the election.
See also: get, keep, onside, somebody
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For me, you have the referees and when you see it today can you really say he was definitely onside or were they guessing?
OnSide is expected to bring in private donations to help towards the rest of the ongoing costs, in line with its model elsewhere.
When used in conjunction with WABCOs OnLaneASSIST lane keeping assist system, OnSide has the capability to go beyond warning to enable active collision avoidance.
It's easy to stop it in slow motion and see that when he kicks it he's onside, as I did with Ryan's goal - although he wasn't just level, he was a yard or two onside.
I thought I held my run and I thought I was onside.
A boutique full-service consultancy firm involved in various aspects of sports and media Onside Partners have helped develop the Dubai Amateur Football League which later became the largest football league in the Middle East, having over 50 teams with 1000 players.
The organisers, Onside Partners, is a boutique full-service consultancy firm involved in various aspects of sports and media.
Gostkowski may give a little fist pump after a big field goal, like the one against Denver, but he went into all-out celebration after Arrington came up with the onside kick.
Powerboat P1 has secured Dubai-based Onside Sports to find commercial partners for the new SuperStock UAE series with commercial director James Durbin working with Onside Sport's Jeff O'Brien on the project, said a statement.
If he does carry on working with the current set-up he'll probably get the majority of the players onside straight away.
Ponting has been an exceptionally strong onside player all his career.
Replays showed McGowan was onside when he netted deep into injury time to tie the scores at 2-2 - but his celebrations were cut short by McWilliam's flag.
Onside Bahrain, a volunteer support group created by Bahrain-born friends Rashid Riaz, Abbas Khalil and Mohammed Waqqas, hope to enlighten youngsters about the island's rich culture and heritage.
Trailing 21-10, Kelly made the risky, gutsy decision to go for the onside kick.
Bahrain volunteer group Onside has collected and dispatched 400kg of items and volunteers donated BD400 for the victims.