oneself again

*oneself again

showing signs of being healthy again or restored. (*Typically: act like ~; be ~; feel like ~; seem like ~.) After such a longillness, it'sgoodto be myself again. I'm sorry that I lost my temper. I think I feel like myself again now.
See also: again
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One has a shelf life in a performance- oriented job and needs to prove oneself again after a point in time.
As if one were a night watchman moving through a recently vacated building, opening doors and then closing them behind oneself again, in these images small universes reveal themselves for a few seconds and can be grasped only momentarily and in fragments.
Passions, uncertainties, mistakes, repentance, anxiety, hopes, leaving, returning, losing oneself, finding oneself, losing oneself again.
Muro del tempo (Wall of time, 1968), Spartito (Split up, 1969), Obelisco (Obelisk, 1970), and Asse d'equilibrio (Axis of equilibrium, 1973) all played in various ways with the idea of the measurement of time, suggesting a vital current in which one could lose or find oneself again.