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There was a little one-horse town about three mile down the bend, and after dinner the duke said he had ciphered out his idea about how to run in daylight without it being dangersome for Jim; so he allowed he would go down to the town and fix that thing.
WE'VE all heard of a one-horse town but as of yesterday, Ireland has a three-vehicle capital city.
Ben Lewis is superb as the ex-con who rides his motorbike into a one-horse town in the American mid-west and soon begins to transform the strict code of conduct demanded by the puritan, loud-hailer-toting Mayor, Matilda Hyde, played with delightful comic timing by West Bromwich-born Sian Reeves.
If we were a one-horse town that would be OK, but we are the capital of Wales.
Detective Carver who thought he was being moved to a rather sleepy one-horse town to keep himself out of the spotlight, for reasons that will become apparent as the series progresses, he finds himself very much at the centre of a very highprofile murder investigation.
A few in a one-horse town many years after the horse had been shot.
He hates his job in a one-horse town and dreams of escaping the monotony and heading out to more sophisticated climes.
com), or wear your hiking shoes and join Zephyr Adventures to discover the Sonoma County, starting with one-horse town Geyserville, which has some fine restaurants and a lot of vineyards to visit in the neighbourhood (www.
But this is a show with good songs and a simple but appealing storyline concerning saloon boss Henry Miller's efforts to land big singing star Adelaide Adams to entertain the locals in a one-horse town.
Why go now: New storefronts and fresh faces are giving this one-horse town a buzzier vibe.
It is not even fit for a one-horse town, which Bedworth certainly is not.
Without the horses Naas might be only a one-horse town - I walked for five minutes and saw five betting shops - but it is an ideal base for those on the Trail, who pay between EUR214 and EUR365 for their weekend depending on the swishness of their accommodation.
I held visions about NOTL being just another one-horse town, living off the glory of its nearby older and grander neighbour the Niagara Falls.
My practice amidst the one-horse town and faltering farms,