one up

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one up (on someone)

Leading or ahead (of someone); in an advantageous position (over someone). He's just mad because Sarah is one up on him after their yearly performance reviews. Jake and I compete casually in the Street Fighter video game. He's one up at the moment, but I'm trying to get better at it.
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*one up (on someone)

ahead of someone; having an advantage over someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Tom is one up on Sally because he got a job and she didn't. Yes, it sounds like Tom is one up.
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one up

Having an advantage or lead over someone, as in Sara is one up on Jane because she passed algebra in summer school. This expression comes from sports, where it means to be one point ahead of one's opponents. It was transferred to more general use about 1920.
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Aside from the wave of smugness when a staff member complimented that day's purchases, my favourite memory of One Up will probably be when I returned home - a sprightly 16 years old - and listened to the first Yeah Yeah Yeah's EP and Kinks Singles Collection.
Through the experience of many migrations, One Up perfected and documented its proprietary five step "Conversion Factory" process -- the only proven, scalable, consistent method of performing diverse platform migrations.
This one ups the ante as family members and hangers-on cynically vie for the Kansas estate of 73-year-old Bill Long.
Similarly, the Liebert HiSwitch can swap from one UPS to another in the event of a breakdown or blackout.
It also has one UPS protected CDP panel Board (GE 480 volt.
Likewise, true network diversity implies having more than one carrier - relying on more than one piece of equipment or network device; more than one UPS, diesel generator, etc.
Tenders are invited for Supply of One Ups With 10 KVA Capacity With 3 Phase Input And Single Phase Output for Office Use to Maintain Switches and Backup Server
Backed with 1+1 parallel capability, the CySmartOnlineCO systems can automatically support the full load if one UPS is subsequently removed or taken off line for maintenance.
LOCATION: United Parcel Service, One UPS Way, Hodgkins, Ill.
The Casey award, given annually since 1995 to one UPS employee who demonstrates outstanding volunteer efforts and community involvement, is named after UPS founder Jim Casey.
Ups : 600 Va With 2 Yrs Wrrenty Each Set Comparising Of One Desktop/Pc And One Ups Firm S Offer Make Acer Wisth Duel Core 2Gb 500 Gb.
Backed with 1+1 parallel capability, the eCySmartOnlineeCO systems can automatically support the full load if one UPS is subsequently removed or taken off line for maintenance.
In a large VoIP installation it is possible to utilize one UPS to provide centralized battery back-up for an entire enterprise IP telephony system in the event of a power failure.
WHERE: United Parcel Service One UPS Way Hodgkins, IL 60525 Outbound ONE -- Rear 708-387-4399 for Directions WHY: The purpose of the event is two fold:
The award is named after Jim Casey, founder of UPS, and is given annually to one UPS employee around the world who exemplifies outstanding service to the community.