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Those who have never had a bit in their mouths cannot think how bad it feels; a great piece of cold hard steel as thick as a man's finger to be pushed into one's mouth, between one's teeth, and over one's tongue, with the ends coming out at the corner of your mouth, and held fast there by straps over your head, under your throat, round your nose, and under your chin; so that no way in the world can you get rid of the nasty hard thing; it is very bad
It is a hard, embittering thing to have one's kind feelings and good intentions cast back in one's teeth.
Is it no harm to have a constant hallooing and hooting under one's very nose, distracting one from business, and making one grind one's teeth with vexation?
All around it looked so cold and raw: the long willow-leaves were quite yellow, and the fog dripped from them like water; one leaf fell after the other: the sloes only stood full of fruit, which set one's teeth on edge.
to be peeped at like a wild lion through the iron bars--to gnash one's teeth and howl, through the long still night, to the merry ring of a heavy chain and to roll and twine among the straw, transported with such brave music.
Many readers are able, no doubt, merely to disregard them, but there are others, like Lowell, to whom the moral, 'when they come suddenly upon it, gives a shock of unpleasant surprise, as when in eating strawberries one's teeth encounter grit.
The tone of the Assistant Commissioner's remarks had been sour enough to set one's teeth on edge.
Confadent Oral Technology offers an oral care product in the form of chewing gum that is formulated to help reduce the bacteria that causes plaque and gingivitis, whiten one's teeth, and maintain a fresh peppermint flavor for a substantial time period.
Meanwhile, experts said there are many factors that may lead to the occurrence of oral diseases including eating unhealthy food, use of tobacco, and not cleaning one's teeth on daily basis.
The goal, DenTek said, is to start a conversation about flossing and position flossing as a solution to avoid embarrassment by making light of a common problem: having food stuck in one's teeth.
An independent state is not built by posing as an all-Balkan backwater tearing apart with one's teeth the pillar that should carry the structure, Kujundziski says.
Look after your little one's teeth with a brand new Phillips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush and toothpaste worth pounds 70 - for free.
One-third of Americans say it is normal to bleed a little when brushing one's teeth.
It's no secret that baking soda is great for curing indigestion, brushing one's teeth and even for removing unwanted odors in the refrigerator, but that's only part of its usefulness.
All love the open road and most avoid references to Nietzschean bugs in one's teeth.