when the dust has settled

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when the dust has settled

When things have become more calm or stable; when the consequences (of something) have become known or manageable. I know things have been really hectic during this project, so let's all take a bit of a break and return to it when the dust settles a bit. Lots of people opposed the gay marriage legislation, but when the dust has settled, I hope they'll see that there was no reason to be afraid of it.
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*after someone or something

1. Lit. following someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~.) Tom comes after Mary in the line.
2. Fig. in pursuit of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; chase ~; run ~.) The dog is after a rabbit.

when the dust settles

1. Lit. when the dust falls out of the air. When the dust settles, we will have to begin sweeping it up.
2. . Fig. when things have calmed down. When the dust settles, we can start patching up all the hurt feelings.
See also: dust, settle

when the dust has settled

Also, after or once the dust settles . When matters have calmed down, as in The merger is complete, and when the dust has settled we can start on new projects. This idiom uses dust in the sense of "turmoil" or "commotion," a usage dating from the first half of the 1800s.
See also: dust, settle


/in a fashion
In some way or other, especially to a limited extent: She sings after a fashion.
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MANCHESTER United and Lazio are set to battle it out for want-away West Ham striker Paolo di Canio once the dust settles on the current campaign.
After Christmas, once the dust settles, we will know who is better placed,' said Tony Scott from market researchers Informa.
Chance said: "I would think we'll be making an announcement once the dust settles on Thursday or Friday.
Officials said that once the dust settles and the property line is established, the district will work with a landscape company to revamp the slope area above the course.
Once the dust settles, four lucky winners will have tickets to one of college football's hottest bowl games and fans will finally know whose team can say their tailgaters are the best in the nation.
It's a strange situation not having a chief scout at Rangers but once the dust settles then I'm sure they'll get that up and running.
ONCE the dust settles in the aftermath of the FG Wilson job cuts, will any of us be really surprised at what has happened?
Operations director William Mclellan said the company is looking to add around 120 new members of staff to its team by autumn, with monthly appointments likely to start once the dust settles on the firm's move in the coming weeks.
Dubai Battered Asian financial markets are hoping to retain foreign institutional investments in the equity markets once the dust settles down from the current panic selling.
Therefore, not until I hear of politicians talking of new directions, other than the same old claptrap that we have, will Britain get back to even 2005 living standards once the dust settles after the election.
So while it's inevitable that even oil-rich markets will be affected on the back of fluctuating oil prices, we mustn't forget that the Middle Eastern markets are healthy economies in their own right, once the dust settles.
Walsh was firm in his belief that once the dust settles on what has been a messy transfer, the true significance of Kewell's arrival on Merseyside will be seen.
But once the dust settles today, it'll be business as usual in the assembly - at least until the next time the First Minister decides to move the furniture.
Once the dust settles after Seagram's takeover of PolyGram, Barker has two ideas for the next album.
Once the dust settles, educators say, they hope the most important lesson youngsters glean from Clinton is a timeless moral one: Don't lie.