on the other

(but) on the other (hand)

the second thing to consider You say you're lonely and bored, but on the other hand, you never go out anywhere! There has always been a struggle between the reformers on the one hand and the conservatives on the other.
Usage notes: often in two parts - on the one hand followed by but on the other hand (there are two things to be considered): On the one hand, I'm delighted my work won the prize, but on the other hand, I know I could have done it better.
See also: on, other
References in classic literature ?
On the other hand, when there have been accidents, increased expenses of operating, or contracts with less profitable terms, I have always succeeded in getting the railroad to lower its rate.
But, on the other hand, you are being eaten up in turn by the bigger dogs, wherefore you squeal.
Thus in sleep, in a fever, in madness, or in any very violent emotions of soul, our ideas may approach to our impressions; as, on the other hand, it sometimes happens, that our impressions are so faint and low that we cannot distinguish them from our ideas.
With Rosamond, on the other hand, he pouted and was wayward--nay, often uncomplimentary, much to her inward surprise; nevertheless he was gradually becoming necessary to her entertainment by his companionship in her music, his varied talk, and his freedom from the grave preoccupation which, with all her husband's tenderness and indulgence, often made his manners unsatisfactory to her, and confirmed her dislike of the medical profession.
But besides that I neither have so high an opinion of myself as to be willing to make promise of anything extraordinary, nor feed on imaginations so vain as to fancy that the public must be much interested in my designs; I do not, on the other hand, own a soul so mean as to be capable of accepting from any one a favor of which it could be supposed that I was unworthy.
Their love was as fair and whole as human love can be--perfect self-sacrifice on the one side meeting a young and true heart on the other.