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W ORK and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has insisted he knows what is like to be on the breadline as he dismissed a petition calling for him to live on PS53 a week as a "complete stunt".
PS100 Letter YOUR report on Nurses on the Breadline brought it home to me just how much they devote their lives to taking care of the rest of us.
Tina Gibbs, Douglas, Lanarkshire THE plight of nurses on the breadline and suffering from stress-related illnesses highlighted the devastating impact the Coalition's policies are having on our public services.
LIFE is stressful on the breadline and there's little to look forward to.
More than a quarter of people in Wales are living on the breadline, according to a shocking new study.
The figures show that in 2000, inner Liverpool had a higher percentage of people on the breadline than any provincial city in England.