on own

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on one's own

independently. Our baby can now walk on his own. I have lived on my own since I was 18.
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on your own

1. without help from anyone else He came from a wealthy family, but he wanted to succeed on his own.
2. alone When I first started living on my own, I spent a lot of time fixing up the house.
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(all) on your own

1. alone She's been living on her own for the past ten years.
2. if you do something on your own, you do it without any help from other people Since her husband died two years ago, she's had to look after her children on her own. Dave didn't have time to help so I decorated the house on my own.
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on (one's) own

1. By one's own efforts: She got the job on her own.
2. Responsible for oneself; independent of outside help or control: He is now out of college and on his own.
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