on feet

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on one's feet

1. Lit. standing up. Get on your feet. They are playing the national anthem. I've been on my feet all day, and they hurt.
2. Fig. well and healthy, especially after an illness. I hope to be back on my feet next week. I can help out as soon as I'm back on my feet.
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on your/its feet

feeling better or being in better condition He's the one who put the company on its feet again.
Usage notes: often used in the form back on your feet: After his mother died, it took him a few months to get back on his feet.
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on (one's) feet

1. Standing up: The crowd was on its feet for the last ten seconds.
2. Fully recovered, as after an illness or convalescence: The patient is on her feet again.
3. In a sound or stable operating condition: put the business back on its feet after years of mismanagement.
4. In an impromptu situation; extemporaneously: "Politicians provide easy targets for grammatical nitpickers because they have to think on their feet" (Springfield MA Morning Union).
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