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1 in 31 admit to travelling on autopilot daily Ayrshire and Arran 1.
According to the authorities, the Tesla Model S was on autopilot mode when it crashed into the back of a parked fire truck which was attending the scene of the accident.
In a tweet, the fire department said that the Tesla, which was on autopilot mode, was traveling at a speed of 65 mph when it rammed into the fire engine.
The announcement follows several Autopilot-related crashes, including a fatal Florida accident in May in which a Tesla Model S driving on Autopilot slammed into a big rig after apparently failing to distinguish between the white truck and the bright sky behind it.
The investigation of the first known fatality to involve a Model S operating on Autopilot comes as Tesla and other automakers are gearing up to offer systems that allow vehicles to pilot themselves under certain conditions across a wide range of vehicles over the next several years.
NNA - Investigators looking into the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane are confident the jet was on autopilot when it crashed in a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean, Australian officials said Thursday as they announced the latest shift in the search for the doomed airliner, AFP reported.
M:I, III and Ghost Protocol got Tom Cruise back on track, but here he's on autopilot in anonymously slick action that presumes to be an updating of Hitchcock's Notorious.
The EP-3E was flying straight and level on autopilot when the tail of one of the fighters impacted its number-one engine propeller.
Hammerschmidt also said a preliminary reading of the flight data recorder showed that the plane was making a stable, 30-degree banking left turn on autopilot for three seconds, and then over the next eight seconds the turn increased to 40 degrees.
co/2016/08/28/tesla-autopilot-safety-restrictions-v8-0-accidents/) Electrek reports that the Palo Alto company is introducing and imposing these safety regulations with the ultimate goal of preventing accidents involving Tesla cars on Autopilot mode from happening again.
So somebody always has to stay on watch while the system is driving the boat--there's no going below to fix a sandwich, because other boats do not know you are on autopilot and may very well run right in front of you.
html) killed in May when his Model S, driving on autopilot, crashed into a truck.
The missing flight MH370 was set on autopilot before it continues traversing the path towards Southern Indian Ocean, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss told press Thursday.