on account of

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on account of (someone or something)

Because of or for the benefit of someone or something. Please, don't stop the class on account of me; I'll just observe from the back. On account of the rain, we'll have to postpone the game until next week.
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on account of

Owing to, because of the fact that, as in We canceled the beach picnic on account of the bad weather forecast. This idiom was first recorded in 1936.
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on account of somebody/something


on somebody’s account

because of somebody/something: Flights were delayed on account of the bad weather.I can’t go, but don’t stay in on my account.

on account of

Because of; for the sake of: "We got married on account of the baby" (Anne Tyler).
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References in classic literature ?
My mother too, poor soul, will think so much better of you on account of it.
Illingworth was imperfectly heard in part of his remarks on account of the strenuous opposition of the friends of the explorers.
The honest captain is full of vexation on his own account, and solicitude on account of Mr.
Then as to the artisans and laborers who had been brought from Canada and shipped at such expense, the three most respectable, according to the captain's account, were culprits, who had fled from Canada on account of their misdeeds; the rest had figured in Montreal as draymen, barbers, waiters, and carriole drivers, and were the most helpless, worthless beings "that ever broke sea- biscuit.