on a pedestal

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*on a pedestal

Fig. elevated to a position of honor or reverence. (Alludes to honoring someone on display on a pedestal like a statue. *Typically: place someone ~; put someone ~.) He puts his wife on a pedestal. She can do no wrong in his opinion. I was just doing my job. There is no point in placing me on a pedestal!
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On the cloth being removed Don Antonio, taking Don Quixote by the hand, passed with him into a distant room in which there was nothing in the way of furniture except a table, apparently of jasper, resting on a pedestal of the same, upon which was set up, after the fashion of the busts of the Roman emperors, a head which seemed to be of bronze.
If she had any sense of humour, it must amuse her that he should place her on a pedestal and worship her with such an honest idolatry, but even while she laughed she must have been pleased and touched.
In the midst of the glade, on a pedestal of rocks roughly piled up, stood a cross of coral that extended its long arms that one might have thought were made of petrified blood.
Her back was straight, her shoulders square, and her features were as the features of a tiny goddess on a pedestal in a garden in the dim light of a summer evening.
There was I, then, mounted aloft; I, who had said I could not bear the shame of standing on my natural feet in the middle of the room, was now exposed to general view on a pedestal of infamy.
I want to place her on a pedestal of gold and to see the world worship the woman who is mine.
By putting something on a pedestal and running it electrically, you can remove a lot of cost and a lot of maintenance," Sutherland says.
Before the baseball game, Fullerton will fly over Lancaster Municipal Stadium in a NASA F/A-18 jet - like one mounted on a pedestal outside the stadium gates - and then return to sign autographs.